I’m Jordin (the one on the right), and I’m here to share stories from my weird (perfectly normal) life. Some may be funny or inspiring, some may be ugly and raw, and some may be generally lame and unrelateable. They are the stories of my human experience. Of all our human experiences. And I think it is about time we bring them to light.

Our Weird Lives provides us relief from the judgmental world around us. It is a space to take a break from the rising societal pressures and connect with each other by viewing our weird lives through staggering honesty.

What Our Weird Lives is all about:

  • Expressing secret fears, habits, and expectations 
  • Sharing joyful epiphanies
  • Providing comic relief through the painful parts
  • Responding to one another with kindness and love

Each week I’ll share a new experience with as much raw honesty as I can manage. I encourage you to join the conversation by commenting on the posts you resonate with and sending me an email at jordin@ourweirdlives.com with your own weird story.

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About Jordin
While Jordin is currently employed as a transportation engineer, she enjoys accessing her softer skills through blogging and writing short stories. She is part of the over six foot club (height, not width), an avid reader of self development books, and hopes to publish a fiction novel one day. She lives in a small town outside of Portland, Oregon with her husband, Joe, and 4 year old husky, Bauss.

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