A simple conference call gone horribly, horribly wrong

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Are any of you readers thinking, “Yeah, it’s all well and good to read about stupid stuff Jordin did back in her childhood, but I’m dealing with embarrassing situations as an adult. Am I the only one?”

Well, the answer is a resounding, “Nope.”

Here’s evidence I still suffer from chronic embarrassment in my adult life, too.

A Simple Conference Call Gone Horribly, Horribly Wrong

For the past three years, I’ve worked in a small satellite office to a larger office about an hour away. As such, when people get together in our larger office, I receive calendar invites to call in to the meetings remotely.

I quickly realized that nobody cared if I was actually on the call or not. So, naturally, I began skipping most of the non-mandatory meetings except for the ones that peaked my interest.

Understandable, right? We’ve all been there.

Okay so one week, there was a meeting scheduled in our larger office to discuss how our company could potentially partner with another company. Big wigs from both companies were planning on attending and since I thought it sounded interesting, I figured I’d listen in for the hour via my computer.

Oh, how I wish I would not have.

Within five minutes I could tell it wasn’t going to be as interesting as I thought. Ten minutes after that, I got a call on my cell from the makeup artist for my upcoming wedding.

Talking to her sounded way more fun than listening to the meeting, so I closed out of the meeting on my computer and answered her call. Then, I proceeded to have an unfiltered conversation about my poor complexion.

Spoiler: I DIDN’T ACTUALLY EXIT. Apparently, there was one more, ‘are you sure you want to exit?’ button I needed to push in order to actually exit the conference call.

So this private conversation between my makeup artist and I was not really a private conversation at all. Everything I said was also blasting from the phone in the middle of the table in our larger office for all meeting attendees to hear.


“Hi! How are you?!?”

“Sure, I have time. I’m not really doing anything right now.”

[rustling of the phone as I get up and shut the door so my coworkers can’t hear]

“Yeah…I usually have a lot of blemishes.”

[long pause]

“Oh yeah, definitely more oily.”


At this point in the conversation, I got a g-chat from a meeting attendee saying, “You know everyone can hear you right?”




How was I even supposed to respond to that? “Yeah, everybody needs to hear this. The partnership can wait.”

No, you asshole, of course I didn’t know everyone could hear me!

Can you just imagine all these people gathered around their fancy table with their fancy clothes carrying on their fancy conversation, collectively trying to ignore the loud girl in the background blabbing about her blemishes? And then they just can’t ignore it any longer so everyone is silent just in time for me to say, “Oh yeah, definitely more oily.”



And to make it worse, I have since seen everyone from my company that attended that meeting and no one has said anything. It is still this big, lingering situation that nobody knows how to make a joke about because there is just no getting around how humiliating and unprofessional it is.

Or they just don’t remember because they are incredibly busy people with their own lives and have more to think about than their co-worker’s oily skin.

Or they do remember…

Either way, shoutz outz to my badass co-workers in the satellite office who just straight laughed out loud to my face and got it over with.


I hope this embarrassing moment helps you feel a little better about any embarrassing office moments you might have.

But who knows, this could be just another day in the office compared to your most embarrassing working moment.

Do you have an even more embarrassing story? Let us in on it in the comments below.

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