Do you have kryptonite in your bones?

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If you haven’t read my previous post, What’s your secret super power?, go ahead and read that now. I’ll wait.



So here’s the thing: I want to be the best. The best employee, the best blogger, the best conversationalist, the best at whatever I’m doing. (Although, I have given up on being the best spitter).

When I’m the best at something, say, holding a hot rock, it doesn’t take much for me to convince myself I have a heat resisting super power.

But…what happens when I’m not the best? What happens when I’m actually the worst?

When I’m the worst at something, say, being fast or strong, it takes even less evidence for me to convince myself I have the opposite of a super power; kryptonite in my bones.

A quick example:

I played basketball religiously growing up. I had a brain for the game and the fundamentals came naturally to me. What didn’t come naturally to me was athleticism. Fortunately, my teams always had some overweight or lazy players so I never finished in dead last during conditioning drills. (I sometimes finished second to last. But to be clear: I was never the worst).

In college, however, it became painfully obvious I was not as athletic as many other players. I finished last more often than not and no matter how much I lifted weights, my muscles never really grew.

So what did I do? Work harder? Accept my position as the least athletic and instead focus on enjoying my teammates?

No, no I did not. Like electricity, water, and millennials: I chose the path of least resistance.

I chose to believe I have kryptonite in my bones; that there is something physically wrong with me that simply won’t allow me to be athletic.

Unlike my super power, which is founded on a sliver of evidence, my kryptonite isn’t founded on any evidence. In fact, I had to create my own proof to back it up. Here’s the proof I’ve come up with:

  • One of my legs is slightly longer than the other. (SLIGHTLY. Also, this is a common problem most human beings have).
  • I have long hamstrings. (Not even sure what effect this would have. May make me faster).
  • I have a slow metabolism. (Blood tests show I have a metabolism on the slower side of COMPLETELY NORMAL).
  • My hips are out of alignment. (Currently rotated an inch or two out of wack. Unsure if this has any correlation to a lack of athleticism).
  • My quads and shoulders are too tight. (Because I read on the internet one time that body builders who have nearly maxed out their muscles need to stretch to gain more muscle).

Typing my “evidence” for the world to see really brings to light how silly it all is. Even so, I can’t let go of my kryptonite. I’m sure I will someday, but for now, I’m celebrating the small win of simply being aware of it.

The process of becoming aware of my super powers and kryptonite has taught me three things:

  1. Super powers and kryptonite are actually two sides of the same coin; comparison to others. If I’m better, I must have a super power. If I’m worse, I must have kryptonite.
  2. It completely depends on who I’m comparing myself to. I may not be as athletic as my amazing college teammates, but I’d probably feel differently if I compared my athletic abilities to the girls on my dorm floor who never played a sport in their lives. (No offense, ladies, love ya!)
  3. Even though there will always be more opportunities to believe in kryptonite, I don’t have to believe them. It’s okay to be the worst sometimes. The sooner I laugh it off, the sooner I start my next adventure.
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Do you have kryptonite in your bones? Have you managed to get rid of it?

Tell us your story in the comments below.





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