3 tough lessons I hope to learn in 2017

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Did you spend time reflecting on 2016 and setting goals for ultimate achievement in 2017? Got your calorie counting and habit tracking app all downloaded? Ready to make 2017 the healthiest year ever!?!

Yeah, me neither.

I’m not big on setting new year’s resolutions. Mostly because I never keep up with them and end up feeling worse off than when I started (a lesson for another year, perhaps). However, I figured I could probably keep an eye out for opportunities to improve on a few life lessons I’ve been meaning to learn.

Let’s see if you can relate to my top three tough lessons I hope to learn in 2017.

1) How to look people in the eye

The way I describe eye contact is like a laser piercing my soul. It is incredibly stimulating and hard to sustain. Unfortunately, this means I often miss out on the full effect of human connection. On the powerful moment when your eyes meet those of your family, friends, co-workers, and strangers. When you see and allow yourself to be seen. I want to stop being afraid and start stretching my comfort zone by connecting with others through eye contact.

What do you think? Is this a lesson people like me can learn through practice or is this just a genetic disposition we’re stuck with?

2) How to say, “no”

This one’s a classic. I’ve seen this mantra in every how-to-have-a-better-life type blog but my desperate needs to avoid conflict and please people make it almost impossible to pass on tasks other people ask me to do. However, not saying, “no,” has landed me in a few uncomfortable and humiliating situations at work (more on this in another post). It is time to respect myself enough to politely decline responsibilities I feel uncomfortable taking on.

Did you used to struggle with saying, “no,” but have since overcome it? The rest of us would love to hear what it’s like on the other side.

3) How to deal with anger

Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to even feel anger toward my father, much less practice healthy ways to express it. Now, whenever I feel angry or frustrated, it totally takes me over. I don’t go all crazy and throw things or anything, but it becomes this raging tornado in my mind. I obsess about how angry and frustrated I am and stress over how I am supposed to deal with these uncomfortable emotions. I’ve got to learn how to resolve my anger. Or at least “sit” with it for a while without going crazy.

How do you handle anger?


So, can you relate? What are your top three lessons to learn in 2017?

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