What’s your secret super power?

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I have a confession to make: I believe I have a super power.

Think I’m crazy?

Let me explain.

When I was studying to become a civil engineer, my geotech class took a field trip to a soil and asphalt testing facility. The place was filled with sieves, shakers and out of date computers.

But there was one particular object that captivated the attention of my classmates more than any other.

It wasn’t the giant auger that drills insanely deep into the earth. And it wasn’t the intricate consolidation or shear testing machines.

The item that everyone in my group (including my professor) gravitated toward waaaas…

…A hunk of hot asphalt.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Step right up and see how long you can touch it. Hold it if you dare. The winner gets, well, nothing, because it honestly isn’t all that hot.

One by one, my classmates brushed their fingers on the asphalt cylinder as they passed. Some had enough courage to hold it for a few seconds. When it was my turn, I clutched the rock right off the shelf.

And I just…kept holding it.

I mean, yeah, it was hot. But not as hot as the scolding plates I carried as a waitress.

Unfortunately, I was one of the last people to test my luck with the hot cylinder so my accomplishment was only witnessed by my professor.

“Wow,” he said, expressionless, “You’re just holding it.”

“Yeah,” was the only reply I could think of.

Since the moment with the hot hunk of asphalt, I have convinced myself that my palms have a super heat resisting power. More so than other “normal” human beings.

This is my edge over the rest of the population.

I carry hot ceramic mugs full of apple cider and fireball all the way from the kitchen to my bedroom like a champ. Even though I can feel the heat stinging my palms, I remind myself that I handled that rock and I can handle this, too.

I shred chicken straight from the crock pot even though the steam almost melts my face (mostly just because I’m impatient).

I pull hot baking sheets straight from the oven as soon as the timer beeps.

With mitts on – I’m not crazy.

In case you haven’t noticed, my secret super power is not a real super power. The heat resistance in my palms is probably the same as every other human being’s. Probably even worse than people who work with hot stuff every day.

In my desire to be different, I am able to convince myself of literally anything there is a shred of evidence for:

  • I can hold on to a piece of hot asphalt for a long time? I must have better heat tolerance than the average human.
  • I can fix almost all my computer problems through google searches? I must be a better than average problem solver.
  • I can teach my husband how to make mac n’ cheese without even having the box in front of me? I can probably cook anything.

I hope sharing my secret super power helps the Our Weird Lives community feel a little less weird about their own “powers.” But I think we need more of you to join in to get the full effect.

Have you secretly convinced yourself you have a super power?

Comment below or email me about the super power that gives you that extra edge you need to conquer the menial tasks.

Also, make sure to read my next post, Do you have kryptonite in your bones?, to read about the dark side of my ability to convince myself of anything.





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