9 Embarrassing Reasons You’re Not the Only Socially Awkward One Here

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Does social interaction flow freely for you?

If so, I’m jealous.

When it comes to social interaction (what normal people just call “talking with people”), I feel like there is a key ingredient missing for me. I overthink everything, feel tight inside, and make a fool of myself constantly.

I’ve made my peace with this (truly), but if social interaction doesn’t flow freely for you either, here’s nine embarrassing reasons from my weird life that prove you aren’t alone.

9 Embarrassing Reasons You’re Not the Only Socially Awkward One Here


1 – I panic when there is a lull in the conversation.

I often start talking right when other people start talking, so we get stuck in this awkward “No you go ahead–No, YOU go ahead” battle.


2 – I’m shaken by public speaking.

Literally. My voice shakes uncontrollably whenever I give any sort of a speech in public. I mean it shakes so bad people have a hard time understanding what I’m saying. They just look at me like, “You poor thing.”


3 – I am piss poor at flirting.

For example, this is the first and only conversation I had with the new transfer on the boy’s basketball team I had a crush on in college. He was getting ice in a super small room, almost like a closet, and I was waiting for the ice machine, blocking the only exit.

Me: I like your shoes.

Him: Thanks. Kevin Durant wore them last year and they looked pretty good on him so I thought I’d try them out.

Me: Welp, you’re wearing them now!!!!!

Him: Haha yeah…

Then I got out of his way so he could leave the tiny ice closet that now housed all my shame.


4 – I’m not any better at coordinating physical touch.

I get handshakes and hugs confused sometimes. I usually offer a handshake right as they are going in for a hug and I usually go in for a hug right as they are sticking out their hand.


5 – I have a history of embarrassing my husband.

Sometimes when we’re in conversation with other people, I’ll try to say something normal but it ends up coming across really wrong. I frequently get looks from him like, “WTF? Why??


6 – Making eye contact feels like a laser beam is burning through my retinas.


7 – I say inappropriate things without realizing it.

The other day, I was walking in the city and a man on a bike came rolling up and started a conversation with me. I instantly felt my body tense up.

He started off by telling me his full name, which was like four names long and each name had several syllables. As soon as my reply came out of my mouth I wished I could take it back:

Me: Oh wow, that’s a mouthful.

Him: *sly smile* Why yes, I AM a mouthful.


8 – I spend a lot of time dissecting each conversation when it’s over.

I usually try to rewrite them in my head, correcting what I actually said to what I meant to say.


9 – I go too deep too fast.

The only conversations I can sustain are about deep existential crises like the meaning of life, why bad things happen to good people, and where we go when we die. For some odd reason this makes most people uncomfortable.


Embrace Your Awkwardness

An effortless flow of conversation is a gift I was not given in life. Even so, I feel a deep desire to connect with people (albeit in small amounts), and believe that relationships are one of the few worthwhile things I can spend time investing in.

But instead of getting down on myself, I’ve adopt a new motto that works much better for me:

“Just be awkward.”

That’s it.

Whenever you find yourself in an awkward social situation, why not try to embrace the hand you’ve been dealt and have fun with it?

Who knows, you might talk to people better this way.

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  1. Love this post! Though I’ve always considered myself generally sociable, I can definitely relate to each of these points, particularly number four and nine. I chuckled at each one: icing on the cake!

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